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Gypsy contacted us after seeing this web site and asked if she could possibly audition for a place on Eroslane. We were only too pleased to find her a home here, and so after years of moving from one place to another, our "Gypsy" finally has a place to stay. That golden red hair cascading over her shoulders and down to the most amazingly pneumatic breasts, combined with such a sensual curvy little body, may not be in fashion on the catwalks at the moment but here on Eroslane we firmly believe that real women have experience, and shape and know how to use all their assets.

I maybe in my thirties, but I am a big child at heart and love to have fun. When the photographer came round to my flat her on Eroslane, I couldn't resist teasing him and playing up for the camera. In the end i was so hyper that the only way he could stop me bouncing on my bed was to let me bounce on him..................ha ha

I have a large collection of masks at my flat. Some people think it unusual and a little scary, but I think they are fantastic. Imagine the sexual tension that can build up when you go to a masked ball, and tease people until they cant stand anymore. The ultimate blind Date. I am Bi-sexual so hope to be entrapped by a man, woman or hopefully both xxxx



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