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Hi there, My name is Lisalou, although I am not an actual resident of Eroslane, I do work there as the deputy manageress of the business hotel that's just been built at NUMBER 50 EROSLANE.

My bosses' would have had a fit if he had known that one of Eros lane's photographers stopped me in the street the other day and asked me to pose and play for him. I was a little shocked at first but also rather turned on by the thought of all the men and especially ladies getting a chance to look at me having fun.

Very often I find that our customers leave whole bottles of drink in the rooms. Well I certainly know how to make good use of them. After all there is nothing so refreshing as a long cold and stiff one.....x

I am very Bi and love nothing more than the feel of a younger woman keeping me warm after a hard day at the office. Working in a hotel is so exciting, you never know what you might find, or who you might bump into. I used the hotel to play and pose for the site, as in a way it's really my home from home. Maybe one day when the Bosses are all out on an extended lunch break I might get the chance to be very, very naughty on the Executive boardroom table................mmm



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