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Hi there, my name is Sarah and I have been looking forward to moving onto Eros lane for some time. I am 29 years young and before I had my children I was a well known glamour and adult model working for a number of top shelf magazines. well times change and technology moves on so here I am making a new name for myself on the most original web sites in the UK.

I am going to be working in the nearby leisure centre, looking after all your health and fitness needs. I am sure that you will be working up and sweat in no time when I get my hands on you...

I am a family girl and although my hubby knows what I do, he also realises that being Bisexual, I have more sexual needs than most, and he allows me to play with the ladies in the local area. So why don't you all come and join up to try out my facilities, and see for yourself just how much stamina you have.

I am sure that you all know this feeling really well. You wake up in the morning and the sun is shining through your bedroom window. Your body has a wonderful warm feeling to it and after a while of playing with your favorite sexy toy, you suddenly realise that one is just not enough. So what do you do? Simply grab for another one and bring yourself to a mind exploding finish...



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