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Hi My name is Stacey & I love sex, sex & yet more sex!! I am 34 years old and have just moved into NUMBER 3 Eros Lane and must say, it is a great place to live, in more ways than one!! I own my own kissogram business which I love.

I love getting dressed up in all my special naughty outfits, I can be a nurse, school girl, police officer, french maid, soldier as well as my favorite my dominatrix kit.

I love to be domineering but I also like to be submissive. To be tied up, blindfolded and probed with my large array of great toys! I also love to have sex with women. Especially with a strap on or with my favorite toy, my big double ender. I tend to get quite messy and use anything close at hand to help me fulfill my needs. Cum in and see what I get up to when I have a bit of time to myself, you won't be disappointed!!

Someone close once sent me a poem, it went something like this. "Sunshine falls upon my love, She stirs and awakens as the light caresses her soft skin. She mummers and smiles and her eyes sparkle, She looks at me and pulls me in, I fall in love and then in lust, and still the warmth of the sun continues to share her body with me, kissing her softly inch by inch............ Touching her, holding her in its grasp until the shadows lengthen and evening comes.



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