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My name is Thorn and I am the girl most boy's mum's warn them about and the stuff that wet dreams are made off.

I am a tattooed and pierced fetish lover - the kinkier stuff is, the wetter my pussy gets.

I work as a pole and lap dancer in the Nite Club here on Eros lane. If you don't know it yet its called "The Pink Pussy" and I am living in the flat above at NUMBER 13 EROSLANE.

I love to show of my body to strangers -feeling them get hard as I grind my self on their laps and rub my boobs into their faces.

I love sex plain and simple - I just can't get enough of it. I love to be in charge one day and dominated the next.

My front room has a couple of unusual items in it, one is my practice pole. The other is my long mirror, which I use for everyday reflections and to see how my style is when I do my rehearsals. Tonight I am getting ready for a night out with the girls. As a special treat I will allow you to watch me prepare myself, but watch out, because one false move and I just might have to punish you a little before I leave.....

I hope you enjoy what you see


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