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Hiya I am Tigeress, I dominate, Humiliate and make all my subbies and slaves kneel before me.

They will tremble with fear at the very thought of my various paraphernalia. All my whips, floggers and most of all my ULTRA VIOLET WAND.

I have one particular submissive who is a house wife, and also lives on Eros lane. She is Married but likes women too.

I am a very busty 40 E I love to stroke my pussy when I am not mistressing, I love to go to bed in the afternoon while everyone else is in work and play with myself masturbating myself all afternoon in all the positions you can ever imagine and more..... in my outfit., It makes me feel extremely feminine!

Life at Number 6 (Sally and Simons) is never dull, in fact fun and games never stop. Just wait till you hear and see more about their party antics. Still for now, it's time for Sally to get her own back, just a little on her Dominant friend ...There are times when poor little Tigeress just wishes she could pop round for a quiet coffee lol

I am bisexual and love to be with both women and men I have no preference I just want sex sex and more sex!!!


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